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When we lived in Korea, we had numerous Korean blankets and I loved them, they were so soft, and so warm. But when we got transferred back here in the United States, they’re too heavy to ship them here. Now, we don’t have any. I want one for our bedroom and for the kids’ room during winter time. Although it doesn’t get too cold here, I still like warm blankets. I can’t sleep without blankets covering my feet, even if I am already wearing socks when I sleep.

I found some blankets online while I was browsing and I am thinking about getting it for one of the girls, since I know that one of them likes Barbie stuff. I believe that it will be so nice on top of her bed and it will be cool.

I need to look for one with Dora The Explorer characters on it. Or maybe, a Super Mario Bros. We sent some mink blankets to my in laws long time ago, Elephant and Wolf, then to my aunt was Tiger, and Peacock to my mom. I wonder what I want on mine.. Hmm..Still thinking…

Source of image: Mink Blankets

Before I met my husband, he didn’t know what’s the difference between 150 and 300 thread count. Well, I am talking about bedding. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets can be. Prior to meeting me, hubby didn’t care if his bed sheet feels like sandpaper. When we started living together, and I told him the difference in thread count, and started buying a nice quality sheets, now he doesn’t like using any sheet under 250 thread count. What a transformation huh! He got used to soft and silky sheets that he gets irritated if he sleeps on a cheap sheets. Gosh!

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